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Our Team

At Mental Health Muscle we ensure that the people working with us are here to ensure maximum impact, total motivation and realism. Built from the people up, we have an incredible team of volunteers; individuals representing the movement with both inspirational experience and understanding of what we are trying to achieve!

Our representatives spread across the U.K and if you'd like to know where they are, drop us an email and we'll put you in touch with them.

Below is our management team:

Aaron Clark - Founder at Mental Health Muscle

Aaron Clark

Founder Bringing Mental Health Muscle to life has been incredible! My career has always been mentoring vulnerable individuals within the community, providing professional guidance to those suffering with various issues, most evidently mental health. My passion & dedication to the fitness industry has been a lifelong love of mine. MHM has filled a gap in society I feel was needed to bring people together; focusing on the value and strength of empowerment!
Sophia Harris - Area Lead - North at Mental Health Muscle

Sophia Harris

Area Lead - North I am the North Lead. As a teenager I struggled with anxiety & depression after being diagnosed with anorexia at the age of 14. I found peace & therapy through power lifting & fitness which has helped me improve my wellbeing & gain strength with both my mindset & physical performance. I am incredibly passionate about ensuring everyone feels a sense of belonging through fitness & mental health!
George Gibson - Area Lead - Midlands at Mental Health Muscle

George Gibson

Area Lead - Midlands When I was asked to Lead the Midlands I accepted with pride. Not only is Aaron an incredibly close friend of mine, but also someone you need at the forefront of a movement like Mental Health Muscle. Supporting him & all MHM entails is a privilege. As a professional personal trainer myself I see the huge value everyday of the gym being a place of escapism and sanctuary for many individuals suffering with their mental health. It is so important!
Matt Gardner - Area Lead - South at Mental Health Muscle

Matt Gardner

Area Lead - South I am the South Lead. A role I take with great pride. I believe that physical and mental wellbeing go hand in hand: the opportunity to spread this message is an honour. Regular gym has dramatically improved my mental health and I feel could help so many more people like me. I am excited and passionate to represent Mental Health Muscle whilst promoting fitness as a positive driving force in breaking the stigma. We are stronger together, always!
Steff Noble - Area Lead - Scotland at Mental Health Muscle

Steff Noble

Area Lead - Scotland Hey, I'm an all around smiler, positivity sharing athlete who loves to remind people how badass they are! Building confidence, shifting mindset & using the gym to let go & learn to be happy is incredibly important to me. I knew when I met Aaron I wanted to be a part of this movement as it all resonates with me so deeply. Proud to be looking after Scotland & excited to see where we can really take this powerful movement!
Lewis Clark - Head of Technical at Mental Health Muscle

Lewis Clark

Head of Technical Being able to support my brothers work with this organisation is incredibly rewarding. Hopefully, by building this website, it'll act as a platform for those in need of help to seek support, information on mental health, resources, and become part of a rapidly growing community. We're all stronger together, and breaking down the stigma of mental health through physical activity is such an effective way of doing so!

Rachel Clark

Brand Manager It’s a privilege to be able to donate my time working with the Mental Health Muscle team! It’s such a great not-for-profit organisation which shows how any type of physical activity can be restorative and give you a positive focus to channel your energy into! It’s great using a creative outlet and the influence of design, to hopefully inspire and have a positive impact in people’s lives.

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