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About Us

The Mental Health Muscle movement works towards unified goals:

To organise and deliver positive educational awareness events in communities, at locations, across the UK.

To organise local and volunteer led 'Meet & Eat' community meet ups, providing an opportunity for open conversation and access to physical activity

To deliver educational and awareness workshops in local communities, gyms, schools and other organisations to engage with young people, vulnerable adults, sportsmen and women and the general public to talk about mental health and empower them.

To build external relationships to support the group with fundraising, promote the movement and get involved in events. Through local community events and national cooperate events we aim to educate those involved in the fitness industry, all ranges of ability, helping them to further understand mental health and the benefits that exercise can offer our wellbeing.

To create a network of Mental Health Muscle affiliated fitness centres, gyms and fitness professionals to improve access to fitness resources across the whole of the UK for those in need

To mentor & sponsor self-referred and referred individuals with mental health conditions with fully paid gym memberships and/or Personal Training and Life Development Programmes

Our Mission

''To raise awareness of mental health issues using fitness and physical exercise as our vehicle for change and empowerment; supporting individuals experiencing mental health difficulties through positive education and interaction''

Our Values

  • Open

    We reach out to anyone who may find sanctuary, belonging and comfort in what we do and are.

  • Together

    We believe that we are stronger together, working collaboratively with all groups within the community making positive change.

  • Relentless

    We will continue to break down the stigma and give hope to everyone and anyone we work with. Despite potential barriers we may face, we will work tirelessly to support and educate our society in making positive change through dynamic empowerment. We will stand up and shout out for the things we believe in and are passionate about making a difference with.

  • Proud

    We have identified a gap in society that focuses upon exercise and its impact on our mental wellbeing. Exercise is such a powerful therapy and escapism for the human mind and physical presence; encouraging social interactions, improved mental clarity, personal empowerment and positive influence.

  • Unique

    We have filled a gap within society that so many individuals can relate to. We feel strongly that our position in the fitness industry is welcomed and meeting the expectations of many. Bringing together mental health and exercise is becoming more appreciated as for many participants, whether that be through recreation, lifestyle or professionally competing, mental health is very much at the forefront of their day to day lives. The presence of MHM makes it that little bit easier in the darkest of times.

  • Purpose

    Education and understanding is a huge part of what we do. Our events are an incredible way to bring together individuals with such different backgrounds but such similar stories. Inspiring communities and empowering individuals to talk more, compare less and be who they truly are. Through fitness we are creating safe communities, better educated populations and promoting the power of physical exercise on our wellbeing and mental state.


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