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Mental Health Muscle is a not-for-profit organisation raising awareness of mental health issues within society but utilising fitness, sport and the gym as our driving engine for support, interaction and breaking down the stigma.

Founded by Aaron Clark, Mental Health Muscle is based in Devon but works with people all over the UK, running events to educate communities, encourage discussion, have fun in the gym, on the field, on the court, (the list goes on).

What started out as a small gathering, a few friends getting together in the gym to discuss our mental health, sparked a conversation that has led to the realisation of Mental Health Muscle and the work we are doing today. It soon became evident that Mental Health Muscle would go on to fill a gap in many individual lives, and has led us to what we have become today - a powerful platform for hundreds of others to speak out and raise awareness in the fitness industry.

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    Our Team

    Mental Health Muscle is built on the everyday people who want to give something back to the community and help those that are dealing with mental ill health. We have volunteers across the UK helping to raise awareness of the Mental Health Muscle movement and promote good mental health through fitness in various communities!

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    About Us

    We exist to help support those dealing with poor mental health by offering an environment where they can use physical activities to help manage their mental framework. We're working hard to offer this to more people, so that everyone has a thriving community of people behind them ready to support them on their journey.

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    How We've Helped

    Take a look at how we're supporting individuals up & down the country with our range of funded projects. The support & donations we get from you all are what enables Mental Health Muscle to offer more & more people an opportunity to use physical activity to help their recovery and deal with their mental health better.

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