Fundraising is such an incredible way to help support us!

Bringing the local community together or by taking on a personal challenge, we appreciate the generous work that goes into fundraising for us.

The only limit on what you can do is your imagination!

The options are limitless!

We've had marathon runners, ironman participants, sponsored walks and many other awesome ways that people have raised money for Mental Health Muscle.

Let us know your ideas and we can even send out some of the Mental Health Muscle team to join you and get involved too!

If you are looking for inspiration on how to get involved and raise money for Mental Health Muscle just drop us an email.

Take a look at what the MHM community has been up to and how they've been raising money though their events!

What happens to money raised and donations?

All donations and money raised for Mental Health Muscle goes straight back into our community, so we can help secure individuals with support programmes and annual membership at a fitness or sport establishment of their choice, such as their local swimming pool, gym or a local sports club. If you'd like to get involved with a fundraiser, please get in touch below to speak to one of our team.

Recent Fundraisers

  • Sponsored Squatathon
    £260 raised

    Sponsored Squatathon

    Whilst the main event #MHMSQUATATHON was going on in Leeds at Graft Haus gym, a group of amazing people in Bristol, unable to make the main event, did their own Squatathon and smashed reps all day long! Led by Kat, the group were members of Synergi Fitness and they raised an incredible £260!

  • Cardiff 1/2 Marathon
    £420 raised

    Cardiff 1/2 Marathon

    One of our incredible followers Nancy raced the Cardiff Half Marathon and raised an awesome £420 for us! She did amazingly well and got a great personal best too!

  • DVD Sales
    £200 raised

    DVD Sales

    David Jenkinson, an experienced bodybuilder created and filmed his own personal journey on DVD and sold them to raise money for Mental Health Muscle. A huge percentage of his sales were donated to us and allowed us to put an individual in need of our support into a full time membership at a local gym!

  • Sponsored Rope Climb
    £560 raised

    Sponsored Rope Climb

    Our Cardiff Rep and a group of awesome gym enthusiasts in the local community, climbed over 7000 meters on a rope in 24 hours in memory of the thousands of people who lost their lives by suicide in recent years. The event at Sunhealth Gym in Newport raised money for Newport Samaritans and Mental Health Muscle.

  • Roundhay Park Dog Walk
    £280 raised

    Roundhay Park Dog Walk

    Our North Lead Sophia led a sponsored dog walk around one of the best parks in Leeds! Lots of fury friends and interactions about mental health, whilst enjoying the beautiful outdoors. A really lovely afternoon - thank you to everyone who donated and took part! So good to see so many people down and so many 4 legged friends too!

  • Mental Health Muscle United vs Kingsteignton AFC
    £1345 raised

    Mental Health Muscle United vs Kingsteignton AFC

    A charity fundraising match between a local Mental Health Muscle United and KAFC raising money for both MHM and Kings Care, a local charity set up in memory of Kyle Deakin, a lad who took his own life last year. We celebrated his life, sent strength to his family and friends and bought the community together in a powerful suicide awareness day!

  • Mount Maglic Climb
    £608 raised

    Mount Maglic Climb

    Our very own Beth climbed Mt. Maglic, an incredible 2386 metre high mountain in Europe and did it all to raise awareness of suicide prevention and mental health, with the funds coming to us! Hugely proud of what you achieved, we know it tested you mentally, physically and emotionally! Well done soldier! Amazing job!



I joined the Army in September 2006 joining my local Infantry Regiment. In 2009 I was deployed to Afghanistan. Here I was very quickly thrown into the thick of what would be the bloodiest and most traumatic 6 months of my life. After 10 years of tough service, I was diagnosed with severe PTSD and discharged in June 2018. Mental Health Muscle have given me hope, for that I'm eternally grateful!


Mental Health Muscle means more to me than just a group, its a family; it gives people the chance to talk and connect in ways they would not normally. It has given me the confidence to open up and start talking and realise that its okay to not feel okay sometimes. I know that they are here for me and Aaron has always made me feel like I am never alone.


Being supported by Mental Health Muscle has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can't believe the kind gesture they have given me, a 12 month membership at my local gym so I can continue battling my mental illness in the gym. I am so grateful. The gym has helped me and my mental health, it is something I have really started to enjoy


I am so grateful for the opportunity that Mental Health Muscle has given me. My depression and anxiety is often very up and down but with each week that passes I am learning to control it better and build a confidence that I never used to have. Ryan supports me in the gym and he believes in me; Aaron outside of the gym guiding me with his kind words. I am stronger than I have ever been!

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