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At Mental Health Muscle we put our community engagement & interaction with people at the forefront of all the work we do. Raising awareness at a community level is vital. When families and individuals locally feel empowered to manage and understand mental health issues, the stigma is broken at a local level, which has a ripple effect nationally. Let’s start small and locally, together, and see how you can help your community!

Our events are a huge part of what we do in communities and they are usually made up of the following elements:

  • Educational Seminars on mental health related content
  • Fitness Activities & Competitions
  • Fundraising Challenges
  • Meet and Greet Zone with Special Guests
  • Local & International Exhibitors supporting Mental Health Muscle
  • Open Space to Interact, meet other individuals & share experiences and stories
  • Live Auctions & Raffles
  • Open Gym to Train
  • Refreshments from Local Businesses

We are proud to be active in the local community having been Runner Up at the Teignbridge Sports & Community Awards 2018 for Organisation Contribution to Sport & the Community. We facilitate a number of different projects and will continue to create more as and when we can.

Below are a just a handful of ongoing projects:

Latest Projects

  • Torqay United Community Sports Trust

    Plans are in place to work on interventions in Primary schools in the Torbay area to improve mental resilience and understanding of emotional wellbeing in Learning Years 5 & 6.

  • Building Mental Resilience; Preparing for Transition

    Working with our friend Debbie Frances, Founder of The Project, we focus our awareness workshops on the transitional periods in education for young people. Empowering youth to be better prepared for the pressures and constraints put on them in the education system. These interactive and hugely impactful sessions are designed to build stronger mindsets and better coping strategies for what lies ahead

  • Mental Health First Aid course

    After successfully being granted some funding from Recovery Devon, we were able to put a collection of fitness professionals through MHFA to improve their knowledge and understanding of working with individuals with mental health difficulties. We hope to do more of the same work in other areas soon...

  • NCS North Devon - Social Media, Identity & Body Image Workshops

    Workshops delivered to 16 - 18 year old students on the NCS (National Citizen Service) Programme to raise awareness of mental health with focus on social media platforms, identity and self worth. Creating opportunity for young people to talk and share their experiences with peers and professionals

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