MH Muscle Rooftop Games

We are very excited to announce that we will be at the amazing Ultimate Fitness Gym in Birmingham to host our Rooftop Games, the first of its kind. Educational guest speakers, rooftop competitions, breaking down the stigma and all together with a fantastic view of Birmingham from the top of the terrace!

We cannot wait to see you all there! Join us for a day of positive fitness and motivational inspiration; raising awareness of mental health and showing support to all those struggling with mental ill health! Together we are stronger! #StrongerTogether

Speakers & Seminars

  • Ryan Yates - 'In the Gym Trenches; coping with PTSD'
  • Sarah Thomson (Ultimate Hell Week Finalist) - 'Channelling Anxiety into Energy & Success'
  • Dr Emilia Thompson - 'Mindful Nutrition; how your relationship with your mind influences your relationship with your eating'
  • Jay Tyler (SAS Who Dares Wins DS) - 'Inevitably, Recovery comes from within'
  • Rosie Rascal & Pippa Wood - 'Managing your emotions, anxiety and gut-brain'
  • Steff Noble - 'Practice Your Posing' (Practical Group Session)

Challenges & Competitions

  • Tyre Flips (Maximum Reps in 1 Minute)
  • Pull Ups (Maximum Reps in 1 Minute)
  • Dips (Maximum Reps in 1 Minute)

Other Attendees

  • Scott Swench (Swench Squad)
  • Roxy Simmons (Gym Proof)
  • Luke Hulme (Project AD)
  • Leila Hopkins (UFB)
  • Randeep Latoy (Supplement Needs)
  • Nathan De Asha
  • Elixir CBD, Muscle Moose, Dutch Designer Clothing, The Fitness Kitchen...

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