Steroid use; Mental Health abuse

Oli Taylor

By Oli Taylor, Representative

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The mental side effects from using anabolic/androgenic steroids, or Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) to some, can be a very dark world for many people. I see far too many people, both friends and strangers, taking a variety of different performance enhancing drugs for the wrong reasons. I have been here myself and was a part of the ‘taking steroids for the wrong reasons’ group in the community. Steroids can be used for many different outcomes and reasons but the main one is aesthetics and/or cosmetic body composition. People tend to want the fastest route to what they see on social media without realising that what they see is not reality. It’s a smokescreen on what many do not see behind the scenes.

"Steroids taken, for the main aim and sole purpose being to look like someone else, can end up with disastrous consequences"

Doses get higher, responsibility goes out the window and it causes huge imbalances in hormones which can lead to clinical depression, social anxiety, anger management issues and paranoia. This vicious circle can have huge detriment on the life of the individual and loved ones living around them. Ones I have experienced myself. I have been there, I have seen what it did to me, looking back now and never wish to return there again. And I can tell you that things don’t get better the more steroids you take! Mentally they fall, and fall hard.

You need to realise that you will never look like the person you see on social media as that is purely impossible. A large proportion of people we see on social media present an unachievable and fake-flawlessness image. We are surrounded by this in society today and we have to try and start taking control of our actions and decision making, based on ourselves, instead of everyone else.

You need to realise that you are YOU and that’s the only person you should aim to improve. Don’t jump on the steroid trend to impress others, who’s gaining anything there?

I see side effects such as men losing their hair at a young age and spiralling into struggling states of depression and significant body image issues. The more steroids that are taken will incur side effects that only get worse, relationships become difficult, social life gets worse and so on.

Competitors these days also have a massive pressure after they have competed, to look a stage ready all year round which is impossible to do this while staying healthy. A lot of competitors will stay on anabolic steroids all year around because of this reason!

I am just trying to reach out to people to think before taking such compounds because from my own experience, taking them for the wrong reasons will only make potential underlying issues worse.

"At Mental Health Muscle it is our job as representatives to enlighten and empower and carry our message to you all where possible, this is my message!"

This is a brief blog and I will look to go into more detail at a later date but aiming to break down the ‘steroid’ talk with the dangers that can occur when taken for the wrong reasons.

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