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Lucy Majury

By Lucy Majury,

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Sometimes when we look in the mirror, we see a reflection that we think looks one way but to others they see something completely different. Our mind is a very clever and powerful tool that can help us to see what we want it to see sometimes not how things really are.

The modern world with social media, pillar boards, fashion and gossip magazines and so on has a lot to answer for. Promoting skinny, unhealthy or now in the contrast 6 pack, body building, muscular physiques. Unsustainable bodies on both spectrum - for most. Yet girls and boys believe they should be able to look like this year round without remembering this is probably not how people really look. Many forget that lots of photos are photo-shopped and most pictures you see on social media are only taken on the good days, so what about the bad?

Whilst it can be easy to judge sometimes and say but I don’t understand how people can’t see through it, you can never truly understand until you have walked in someone’s shoes who has really been affected by these thoughts and even then, they can’t always understand themselves or explain why they feel that way.

We can easily blame magazines, social media etc for some of these issues but things don’t always start from looking in magazines or social media other life experiences that have perhaps pushed someone into a situation they can’t control can also trigger something in the mind which then makes everything they can control a bigger centre focus for them to help them feel back in control of their life. Whilst most find food a comfort when things are not going so well in life, I always find it is the first thing to go for me and when I came back from a year living abroad and things out of my control happened and I got ill with ecoli controlling my diet and exercise were the only things helping me stay in control and not in a good way. At my lowest I reached 47 kg and looked very small and frail. I did not ever really set out with the plan to become skinny or had the thoughts I wanted to look like people I saw in magazines mine was more a way of taking control back and distracting myself in life from what was really going on. I guess you could say I was masking the real issues and not talking about them when I should have dealt with them.

Having control over our lives is something we all love and not many like the feeling of being out of control. This can then lead to compulsive behaviours. Whilst it is not always easy to admit maybe you had/have a problem the biggest and bravest thing you can do is ask for help and talk. I would never admit I had a problem and believed I was always in control of my thoughts and behaviour but actually I was so far out of control I was in control but the wrong way and it is only now looking back I can really begin to admit this. I am also not one that likes to admit defeat or give up or even let people know I’m vulnerable much to my own detriment but sometimes this is exactly what you need to do.

It was not until I found CrossFit that my life did a full 360 and changed within a few months. Finding an exciting new sport completely distracted me from everything that was going on and I soon realised that if I wanted to get better at it, I needed to focus on eating more and the right things. This was never an easy change to make and it did not happen over-night and I still struggle sometimes now but when I could start seeing the changes in my performance and being able to compete at a high level my mind was able to shift a little. I have now had 3 CrossFit Regional appearances (top 20 in Europe) and achieved 4 World Records in Powerlifting amongst many other sporting achievements over my 5 year training background.

I can honestly say I am in the happiest place I have ever been with my body over the last few years and it is not until now that I can see and realise how unhappy I was when I was so small. Not only because I was going through things in life but also because my body could not function properly and this is so important just for everyday life.

This is not an extensive story of my experiences and how I feel now after everything but I hope it can give you a brief idea on how you can come away from struggling and to achieving and competing at a high level. The thoughts in your head will never really go away but it is learning to manage them and work with them that is the key driving force.

Our minds are powerful things, it’s how we use them and our thoughts to build ourselves up and move forward.

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