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We Are Mental Health Muscle

Who Are We

Mental Health Muscle is not-for-profit organisation, raising awareness of mental health within society but utilising fitness, sport and the gym as our driving engine for support, interaction and breaking down the stigma.

  • Support Resources

    Check out our recommended places to go for more support and advice on Mental Health. We have a busy and active Instagram page if anyone wishes to connect or alternatively, get in touch.

  • Get Involved

    Come along to our Meet & Eats to meet new people, train and talk! Our events also are a fantastic way to engage in community interactions, physical activity and education. Come along to our Meet & Eats to meet new people, train and talk!

  • Represent

    Seeing our MHM tee shirts all over the globe is incredible! Support us today by purchasing one of our MHM Tees. 100% of the profits go to giving access to those struggling with their mental health

Check Out Our Events

Get involved with our range of events for the coming year.

  • 01.12.2019

    11:00 - 15:00

    We are back in Glasgow, one of our favourite places in Scotland! We are looking forward to a meet at Pure Gym Paisley and then moving onto Jam Jar for food after!All welcome and we are excited to see your faces raring to go at 11am on Sunda...

Support Our Cause

Without your kind donations, we wouldn't be able to keep doing what we're doing. Your donation is greatly appreciated and we're so grateful to all of our kind followers! You can donate via Paypal Donate using the link below.

Latest Blog Posts



Being supported by Mental Health Muscle has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can't believe the kind gesture they have given me, a 12 month membership at my local gym so I can continue battling my mental illness in the gym. I am so grateful. The gym has helped me and my mental health, it is something I have really started to enjoy


Huge shout out to Aaron who has been working with me personally behind the scenes and setting up a fully funded Mental Health Muscle gym membership at Old School Gym. For many, myself included, the gym is a safe place where you can zone out and forget about the stuff going on in your head. MHM do incredible stuff and I am incredibly thankful for their support and professionalism in helping me


Bewildered, gobsmacked, surprised, elated, emotional, delighted. Those were just a handful of the things I felt upon hearing I'd been selected to receive funding from Mental Health Muscle for my new membership at Graft Haus Gym. I could never believe that I was good enough for praise, appreciation or even a second thought from anyone.

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